Virtual Bassist - New Product Line by UJAM Instruments

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Virtual Bassist - New Product Line by UJAM Instruments

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New York City, USA, October 17th, 2018, With the beginning of the 2018 AES show in New York City, UJAM Instruments, a.o. makers of Virtual Guitarist, are announcing their new Virtual Bassist product line of instrument plug-ins (VST, AU, AAX), with the three titles Royal, Rowdy and Mellow available for pre-order.

“We are thrilled about finally completing the virtual backing band - Virtual Guitarist, Virtual Drummer and now Virtual Bassist - with the instrument most requested by our customers.” says UJAM Instruments Founder Peter Gorges.

All three products are available for pre-order starting October 17th, 2018 at a special pre-order price of 99€/$ (129€/$ MSRP), the bundle sells for 199€/$ (387€/$ MSRP) only on Virtual Bassist will be officially released on December 17th, 2018.

Pre-order customers receive a special discount, exclusive making-of insights and access to the product on December 6th, two weeks ahead of public launch.

Similar to the Virtual Guitarist series, each Virtual Bassist is an emulation of a particular instrument, player and gear like amp or effects. The Virtual Bassists can be played like any MIDI instrument, with AI articulation modeling augmenting notes by realistic bass articulations.

The first three titles in the Virtual Bassist series cover all the essentials for different musical styles:

Royal delivers a broad range of professional studio bass sounds and styles, based on a fingered electric bass and amps selected and configured to fit the bass into any acoustic or electric mix.
Rowdy is a loud-mouthed, twangy rock bass, leaning towards saturation and distortion with a rather rough sound and playing style.
Mellow stands for an acoustic double bass that provides bottom end and texture in organic coffee shop jazz just as well as a powerful voice in urban and soul genres.

Peter Gorges adds: “All three bassists are deep-sampled and come with true-to-style built-in amps and effects. Most importantly for many, they share UJAM’s signature ease-of-use at uncompromised realism that the Virtual Guitarist series has introduced, and play extremely well with UJAM’s other series such as the Virtual Guitarist, Drummer or Beatmaker.”

About The Virtual Bassist Series
With Virtual Guitarist being the first and best-selling virtual instrument that brought realistic-sounding rhythm guitar tracks to computer-based musicians worldwide, the core team behind the original Virtual Guitarist re-united to build a new generation of virtual instruments that don’t rest on the success of the past, but continue innovating with vastly increased realism, flexibility and sound quality, thanks to an entirely new technology and content concept. Virtual Bassist is the latest new series in the growing family of Virtual Guitarists, Virtual Drummers and Beatmakers. Learn more at

About UJAM
Founded in 2010 by Peter Gorges along with Hans Zimmer and Pharrell Williams, UJAM is a Germany-based music technology powerhouse that develops Virtual Instrument Plug-ins and a range of software solutions (desktop, mobile, web) helping people to make music.
Learn more at
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Re: Virtual Bassist - New Product Line by UJAM Instruments

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Wird sicher alles gut sein.

Wir haben Trillian, Modo Bass, Pure Bass, Cakewalk Gibson Bass Collection ... vielleicht habe ich noch was vergessen.