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Oxium - xils-lab

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Oxium - xils-lab

Heute liegt mir der Performance Synthesizer Oxium der Firma xils-lab vor.
Der Oxium lässt sich schnell und unkompliziert installieren. Die Autorisierung erfolgt nur über die Eingabe einer Seriennummer. Der Oxium erscheint mit 2 Skins sehr übersichtlich und aufgeräumt. Die verschiedenen Sektionen sind praktisch angeordnet.

Die wichtigsten Features:

Core Modules
2 Cumulative analog modelled Oscillators ( up to 8 per patch ). PWM for all waveforms ( Aliasing-free Saw, Triangle, Pulse and Square ) . Advanced Glide/Portamento mode per Oscillator/ Hard Sync and Ring modulation between Oscillators.
3rd Generation Zero-Delay-Feedback filters, self resonnance for all modes ( LP 24/12, BP6/12, HP) Additional second filter to choose between Formant Filter, LP , BP, HP with emphasis or articulation parameter.
Flexible Double Mixer architecture ( one per filter ) with fully configurable serial or parralel modes

3 freely assignable DsyncADSR envelopes.
3 Multiwaveforms LFOs with Mono/Poly mode, Midi Syncable, Delay, Fade in, and note retrig parameters
Exclusive 2nd generation Le Masque controller modulator, with 16 freely drawable zones ( masks). Each mask has two level parameters, can trigg envelopes, or be envelope controled, the grid has vertical and horizontal snap modes. Patterns can be saved, loaded. 3 Trigger modes.
Central Modulation Environment : 6 freely assignable pairs of source/target parameters, 3 additional prewired pairs for common musical gestures ( Vibrato, Tremoloe, Autowha ), 6 harwired slots for real time controlers ( Mod Wheel, Pitch Bend, Aftertouch, Breath Controler. All parameters are Midi Controlable.

Music Playing
Advanced PolyMono Arpegiattor, with fully configurable note order, Gate and swing parameters
8 Play Modes ( 5 Poly/3 Mono) allowing multiple keyboard playing techniques
Deep integration and interaction between Play modes, Arpegiattor modes, modulations and per voice core sound engine for organic and expressive instruments.
Up to 8 voices Unisson with Tune spraed parameter, Oscillator drift and Output Vintage parameters to model several aspects of analog hardware synthesiser, unique Modulation randomiser : Use these 4 parameters to customise big as life patches

New Stereo Delay with CrossFeedback and Damp feedback , exclusive BBD Vintage chorus, Phaser, and Double EQ with emphasis

User Interface
Instant Visual Feedback User Iinterface Concept based on exclusive Flower Design of Oscillators , LFOs, Filters and Glide blocks for Instant Visual Feedback of synthesizer modules.
Exclusive Intelligent Feedback Pane : You’ll find here all the informations usefull to understand, then modify or adapt a preset to context.
Database : Double Criteria Search Engine : Find the right patch for your track in seconds, build your own favorites soundbanks, project, CD or Live soundbanks, and export them with a single click. Cross platform preset format.
A/B compare slots
Two skins to fit your mood
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