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StudioOne 4.5 jetzt mit Video-Export

Verfasst: 22 Mai 2019 - 8:44
von MarkusH
Ein großes Update und endlich ein lang erwarteter Video-Export (mit guten Features zur Auswahl der Video-Exportformate)

New features and Improvements:

Recording and Mixing
● Redesigned hardware controls (gain/polarity/48V) on mixer channels (for compatible PreSonus interfaces)
● Input Mixer: software gain / polarity controls on every input
● Software input gain / polarity controls on every channel, bus and FX channel
● Extended grouping system with attributes (Volume, Pan, Mute/Solo, Inserts/Sends)
● Groups definable as Edit- and/or Mix-Groups (with attributes)
● Commands/shortcuts to suspend any group
● Command to suspend all groups
● Support for unlimited nested groups (groups within groups)
● New Groups section in Track List and Channel List
● Optional group name display on channels with Group assign and renaming options
● Customizable Channel Components in Console
● RMS/Peak metering option per channel
● Global Pre-Fader Metering option
● Quick-assign I/O routing for multiple selected channels
● Quick-assign outputs in ascending order
● Basic and Advanced Plug-in menu styles
● Alternative (reverse) Sidechain routing
● Copy Plug-ins with Sidechain routing

Arrangement and Editing
● Lock Events (with position and editing options)
● Lock Tracks option
● Independent Quantize/Timebase/Snap options
● Snap to Zero Crossings

Musical (MIDI) Editing
● Chord Audition option in Chord Selector
● Chord Audition option for chord events in Chord Track
● User assignable Chord Audition sound
● New Major/Minor Triad scales
● Re-organized Musical Actions menu
● Stretch multiple notes by dragging
● Note Action: Apply Scale
● Note Action: Distribute Notes
● Note Action: Randomize Notes
● Note Action: Quantize Notes
● Note Action: Mirror Notes
● Note Action: Repeat Notes to Part End
● Note Action: Thin out Notes
● Note Action: Fill with Notes

● Independent Macro Toolbars for Arrangement, Music Editor and Audio Editor
● Macro Toolbar: custom menus
● Macro Toolbar: direct macro editing
● Macro Toolbar: Duplicate Macro command
● Macro Toolbar: “move to Group” command
● Impact XT: drag more than 16 samples or slices
● Patterns: support for Quintuplets / Septuplets resolution
● Improved swing timing for patterns with individual lanes resolution
● Stem Export: quick drag>select tracks/channels
● Stem Export: save selection when closing window
● Song Data Import retains “Disabled” track state when importing
● Fat Channel XT modules retain state when switching
● Instrument list: “disable all” option
● Instrument list: “remove unused” option
● Store Presets with folder selection
● Assignable F13-F24 keys
● Recall any Marker with shortcut
● One-step Audioloop export (drag&drop)

User Interface
● Smooth audio waveforms (option)
● Macro Toolbar icons update
● Sample One XT / Impact XT: improved unit readouts Performance
● Improved CPU performance with Multi Instruments
● Improved CPU performance with Mai Tai, Sample One XT, Impact XT and Presence XT Hardware and Installation
● I/O Setup: add multiple inputs or outputs
● I/O Setup: re-order inputs / outputs with drag & drop
● New Plug-in Manager with filters by format and vendor
● Plug-in Manager: list and reset blacklisted plug-ins individually

Import / Export
● Import / Export I/O Setups
● Video Export option with multiple codec support (platform-dependent)
● MP3 Export with variable bitrate
● AAC support (Import / Export), including ALAC (Apple Lossless)
● Mono option for Export Mixdown

● [VST3] Support for program pitch names and key switch API
● [VST2] Host-specific extension to query key switches from plug-ins

The following issues have been fixed:

● Text field may lose focus when search result is displayed
● Artifacts with volume automation
● Very short MP3 files cannot be imported
● Macro toolbar presets get lost if multiple songs are closed in a certain order
● Bounce in place inserts silence when there's an Open Air instance as EventFX
● VCA automation offset incorrect
● Click coordinate of pen is slightly off
● Potential lockup when using "Follow Chord"
● True Peak sometimes delivers wrong values
● [MacOS] Random order in file lists generated from APFS volume
● Mod wheel assigned to Sample One eco filter behaves unexpectedly
● NoteFX remain active after rendering with Chorder
● Track Transform does not retain VCA assignment
● Track/channel colors lost on transform multi-out instruments
● Some elements need more contrast in Light Theme
● Some time-stretched events in Scratch Pad play back incorrectly
● [Windows 7] Potential crash while applying Touch+Swipe on certain plug-ins
● Typos in AudioBox 1818VSL I/O labels