Studio One Update 3.5.2

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Studio One Update 3.5.2

Beitrag von MarkusH » 26 Sep 2017 - 23:50

Nachdem die 3.5 ja einige unglaubliche Neuerungen (verschiedene Interfaces für Input und Output nutzbar, ohne Aggregate-Device; für Monitoring neuer Aufnahmen eine andere Buffersize, als für den Rest der Session - dadurch niedrigere Latenz, EBU R 128-Metering in der Project-Page etc...) gebracht hatte, gibt es dazu nun das zweite Maintenance-Update.

New features and improvements:

• Arranger Track in Studio One Prime/Artist
• Support for StudioLive Series III rack mixers
• Support for StudioLive AR22 mixer
• Command for "Mono" in mixer main out

• Click on automation track control opens the plug-in
• Bounce keeps bus routing
• Option to disable mixer undo
• Updated Song Information window design

• Blacklist for incompatible VST3 plug-ins
• Delete device slots by drag & drop (with cmd modifier)
• Higher resolution for zoom commands option
• Improved Quick Zoom behavior
• Favorites list in browser sorted alphabetically

• [Project Page] Events snap to other events when moved or resized
• [Project Page] Digital Release renders individual tracks based on track markers
• [Developers] API for cloned plug-in instances in low-latency mode

The following issues have been fixed:

• [Fat Channel XT] gate won’t recall settings correctly
• [Fat Channel XT] some remote controls missing
• [Fat Channel XT] Macro Controls lose link to parameters
• [Fat Channel XT] wrong scaling in Gate gain reduction meter

• Wrong behavior of duplicated notes in triplet grids
• No Level Meter peak reset in micro views
• [macOS] “No device” not selectable in Core Audio input selector
• [macOS, 32-bit] Audioloops showing unknown format won't play
• [macOS] Crash when unloading certain AU plug-ins with GUI open
• [macOS] Core Audio devices show one sampling rate only
• Copy to new scratch pad + "don't follow" Tempo setting doesn’t place audio

• Send level parameter jumps at certain values
• 3.5 Spectrum meter scale differs from 3.3.4
• Duplicating Arranger section doesn’t copy first note event
• Arrangement scrolls when moving folder event to Scratch Pad
• Auto-save version time stamps can be incorrect
• Automation sometimes not applied during mixdown
• [Windows] No support for I/O with disparate number of inputs and outputs using
Windows Audio

• Mono channels don’t respect Pan law in software low latency monitoring path
• [Mai Tai, Presence XT] Gater preset not saved when plug-in is deactivated
• Multiple crashes on Start and Quit
• Audio input can fail after using native low latency monitoring
• Automation not copied correctly to Scratch Pad
• Pipeline as Event FX doesn't force real-time render
• Audio in video player not muted (still playing)

• Channel names on multi-out Instruments not restored correctly
• Copy & paste of events + automation in Automation Track doesn't paste automation
• Transform audio and back resets track delay
• "Mixdown Selection" doesn’t exclude unselected events within the selection range
• “Cursor follows edit position” doesn’t work when comping using swipe
• Moving Arranger Section leads to unexpected results
• Crash when removing Track with Lexicon MPX-i
• [Channel Strip] gain reduction meters pause or stop based on channel selection or UI

• [Start Page] Song list not updated after moving user data folder
• [Project Page] copying metadata to all tracks only copies artist name
• Crash after loading certain MIDI files
• Wrongly displayed midi quantization value
• Note Events before first bar can’t be quantized
• Metering displays inactive on busses with native low latency monitoring

• Truncated text in keyboard shortcut dialog
• Newly created Instrument Tracks in Folder not assigned to bus
• Missing application settings after upgrade
• Focus issue with Song Setup metadata field tabbing
• Bus order in console not stable when moving tracks
• Crash when switching record channel
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