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Studio One 3.2.3

Beitrag von MarkusH » 10 Jun 2016 - 9:57

Das dritte Maintenance-Update von Studio One 3.2 ist da.

Version 3.2.3 Release Notes (June 9, 2016)

New features and improvements:

• Channel input monitoring meter can now again be activated with arm button only
when Tape Style monitoring is off
• Edit Cursor is placed only when “Range Tool in upper event area” mode is activated
and clicked in upper track area
• Disabled automatic loop activation
• On stop, only locate to edit (orange) cursor when "return to start on stop" is active
• Trim whole envelope with "bracket" tool beyond last / before first point
• Show absolute and relative values in automation transform tooltip

The following issues have been fixed:

• VST Instrument timing issues with Mix Engine FX Delay Compensation
• Audio Bounce creates silent output with tape style monitoring
• Preset Issues with non-ASCII characters in file names
• Crash when importing MP3 with special tags
• The only tempo of a song can be deleted when scratch pad exists
• Crash after closing missing plugin dialog
• First part of audio missing after bounce of time-stretched event
• Quantize of grouped Audio Tracks doesn't work correctly
• Instrument events truncated on notes instead of bars
• Playing solo in layers deactivates loop
• Using smiley with heart-shaped eyes (emoticon) in file name causes song not to open

Die vorherigen Updates zu 3.2 hatten folgende Fixes und Verbesserungen:

Version 3.2.1 Release Notes (March 30, 2016):

New features and improvements:

• Save and restore Studio 192, RM and AI mixer settings (Fat Channel, Pre-amp)
• New button in mixer settings controls restores audio device settings
• Pass-through mode for Mix Engine FX
• New option allows Mix Engine FX plug-ins in a downstream bus (like Main
Out) to process all upstream channels, even if a bus is inserted in between)
• Different indicator LED colors for different Mix Engine FX routings

• Added 23.98 (23.976) frame-rate support for HD video
• Show relative value tooltip when using transform tool
• VCA Channel - Show/Hide Targets
• Loop follows selection shouldn't activate Loop
• Zoom Tool available in Music Editor
• VCA Fader should follow multiple selected tracks
• Option to play overlaps in create song dialog
• Option to switch off auto color

• Return to Start on Stop without view jump
• Group tracks hidden in hidden folder
• Suspend “Loop follows selection” when loop has been changed manually
• Save play start marker in song
• [Win] Updated GEAR CD burning drivers

The following issues have been fixed:

• [OSX] Sample Rate Mismatch In OS X 10.8.5 and 10.9.5
• [OSX] Preview in file selector missing
• [OSX] Help Viewer not brought to front again
• Putting a Main bus automation under a Track folder hides the main bus
• Shift modifier conflict
• XLN audio plugin stalls progress dialog
• Crossfade not working after applying it
• Crash when loading song

• Midi notes are not recorded correctly using Repeater in input mode
• Repeater's Gate causes unpredictable playback at low settings
• Groove Programs B to G not properly recalled
• VCA Fader only shows metering while Peak/RMS is selected
• Auto-scroll not applied again after activating it
• X Fade: hard to get back to linear
• Changing Note velocity repeatedly by mouse input won't go below 13/10%
• Arranger area (partially) black after closing extended editor
• Return to Last Locate on Stop

• Input Level meter pre inserts (was post in 3.1.1)
• Multi-output instruments track assignment issue
• Invert Macro Control doesn't work properly
• FX Wet/Dry broken when saving the song for the first time
• FX Sends can be dragged on insert FX
• [Mai Tai] Pitch & Key follow doesn't work correctly
• Markers are unnecessarily duplicated when created from Arranger sections
• Automation volume drop when adding VCA
• Micro-view state not recalled when instantiating from thumbnail or plugin name

• Vertical zoom state not restored by Restore Zoom State
• Group Comping: switching layers for grouped tracks
• Unexpected result on numerical changes to event start inside part
• Start of audio event within part snaps to wrong position after specific action
• Slip-editing single short Event within part not correctly redrawn in editor
• Go to next/prev track is not working on Project Page
• "Solo follows selection" broken for Folder Tracks attached to a VCA
• Mute and Solo key commands don’t work for VCA's
• Doubled audition notes sent when using arrow keys to switch

• Pro EQ "Waterfall" moving faster while editing a curve
• Listen tool as alternative tool does not solo channel
• Crash after drawing on tempo track after Scale Time, with Scratchpad open
• External Instrument Bounce broken for multi-channel MIDI
• Channel editor opens in detached Melodyne editor
• Marker color does not update when changed with mouse wheel (suppressed now)
• When "Show Automation" is enabled, automation data is always pasted to displayed lane
• Start region of successively recorded audio event is not exact (but early)
• Return to Start on Stop is ignored on Record

• Click in Empty Space does not locate in playback
• Last CC node in part always being set to the last CC value before punch out
• MIDI CC data resets to last value after loop cycle
• Record Mix MIDI CC data in a loop, randomly replaced for blanks
• Bus ends up in folder Bus when dragging folder past other Bus in console
• DDP cd-protocol.html is missing EAN code

Version 3.2.2 Release Notes (May 19, 2016):

New features and improvements:
• New command to open Event FX window (Alt+F)
• ALT modifier for fades now suspends crossfade editing
• New option to enable/disable auto-expand layers after recording takes
• Monitoring button and metering reflect correct status in tape-style record mode
• Bus channel metering shown on automation tracks (track height “normal” or higher)
• [Project Page] MD5 checksum for DDP export
• View all channel types in inspector
• Use ALT modifier to add FX plug-in as bus channel when dragging to console
• Improved import of Cubase/Nuendo Track Archives (now supporting level, mute,
automation data, VCAs)

The following issues have been fixed:
• Mix Engine FX have no latency compensation
• Crash on quit with multiple open songs
• Controller data not visible while recording on Instrument Track
• [Music Editor] CMD modifier behavior for temporary Paint tool should be inversed
• Crash after drag and drop of audio to the browser
• Alternate range tool doesn’t work on automation lanes
• Paste at original position doesn't work for arranger parts
• Dragging multiple events to empty space doesn't create multiple tracks
• Layer name not set on first take
• Legato command misinterprets last event
• Bus connection lost after adding VCA in track controls
• Automation track to lane area not properly transferred on drag
• Wrong channel order after adding VCA from track controls

• [OSX] UAD plugins leave white boxes on the screen
• [Presence XT] articulation key switches not applied for notes on same time-position
• Impossible to set cursor to bar 1 beat 1 in Scratch Pad
• Vertical zoom state not reset on double-click when all notes have the same pitch
• élastique Pro 3 time-stretching out of sync in stereo files
• "Solo follows selection" doesn't work for shared instrument tracks
• Crash after undo audio quantize of grouped tracks
• Play Start Marker placed in negative time
• Delay Compensation broken for Pipeline on Main Out
• High sample rates not represented correctly in OpenTL
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